About Us


Leadership Inspirations was founded in 2006 as a fusion of a love for events and passion for leadership development.  A short time later, a great group of colleagues gathered to help fulfill that vision!  Fully customized, our programs began to be put together in a way we all love – facilitating complex problem solving through creative, intentional and interactive approaches with a focus on inspiring learning, leadership and service.

16_Anaheim-Staff_CCWho We Are (Meet Our Team! —>)
Our core group of staff, have over 100 years of combined experience in leadership development.  Many of us are just like you and have served in leadership positions throughout our K-12 education; in college through Greek Life, Student Government, Clubs or work study; or just started exploring leadership as a passion once we started our careers!

We place high value on personal and group development, and strive for growth through our education and experience.  With Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate degrees in business, communication, counseling, education, management, organizational psychology, political science, student affairs, and of course, organizational leadership/leadership development, our staff has a strong love for learning!  Whether at Leadership Inspirations full time or just during the summer, we do our best to exemplify what it means that leadership is desired and needed in every industry – architecture, bio-medical engineering, legal, marketing, neuroscience, medical, psychology and more!

Why We Do What We Do
1) Fun: We love making learning and team development fun!  But also, to us, being able to solve problems and think creatively together is the most enjoyable part of it all!

2) Respect: We have a high level of respect for the understanding individual personalities and group dynamics.  The ONE constant in ANY industry, class, or government is that the people within them are DYNAMIC.  This means that people are different and situations are constantly changing.  One style of leadership or a low level of understanding of others will not be effective OR efficient all the time.  Continuing to respect all people helps us to continually develop programs and curricula to address these needs.

3) Intentionality & Responsibility: Working together isn’t always easy, but as long as we continue to practice what we preach and follow our vision, we can push the boundaries of discovery for ourselves, our clients and leadership education/team development as a whole.

4) Community: We feel that having a community that understands and values you helps with self-esteem, self-awareness, self-efficacy and all the other “selfs” you can think of.  Who doesn’t feel great when they are valued?  This is why we strive to not only create community within our organization, but provide skills and training so that others can foster these communities as well.

How We Do It

Our facilitation process and philosophy is the foundation of what we practice. By focusing on creating programs where participants not only have the chance to learn, but practice and experience content, we increase the chances of this learning be implemented long term.

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