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Customizable Programs

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Customizable Programs

With over a combined 100 years experience, our staff is continually researching and developing ways to improve upon current models while striving to create new and exciting material as well.

We desire that each group receives the best opportunity possible to build their group, interact and share ideas with peers, learn new skills, and to find new, effective ways to reach out and help their group and their community.  Which is why customization is key!

We design programs based on your group’s needs, but if you need somewhere to start – check out some of our ‘Go To’ Topics:

Alignment: Vision, Mission, Goals
Group Dynamics
Inclusion & Involvement
Meeting Skills
Project Planning

Program Pricing (our most popular options!):
though programs can be designed for any amount of time!
(4 hour minimum)

4 hours: $1,500
6 hours: $1,800
8 hours: $2,000

* Pricing is based on groups up to 30 people, for 2017 only.
All other programming options, please contact Jayne at for pricing. 

Leadership Academies

Designed with school leadership groups in mind, Leadership Academy is a multi-day intensive camp focusing on group/team development through self and group discovery, skill building, action planning and more!

As an attendee, there are different types of sessions that will provide you with opportunities for individual skill building, networking, and fun!  But most of all, it will give your group a chance to build foundations for future success!

Our team of Coaches will be there to facilitate the process the entire way with the hope and goal that attendees leave with a desire and motivation to make a difference while inspiring others to do the same.

Let us design one for you or Sign up today!

Southern California:
Public & Private High Schools
Anaheim Union High School District

Northern California:
Public High Schools
Public Middle Schools
Private Catholic High Schools


If you’re looking to build respect and buy in from your group – and build a culture of happy, creative, productive people – Facilitation is a key tool for success!

The greatest leaders facilitate by removing their personal attachment to ideas and reorienting their goals for the greater good of the group or organization. Facilitation helps to check egos by reminding everyone that a greater collaborative effort is needed and produces better results.

It definitely takes effort and practice to become a great facilitator, but everyone can learn how!   Join any of our Facilitation Trainings or join our Facilitation Series online (coming soon!).

Read about how Great Leaders Capitalize on Facilitation

Join our Trainings:
Southern California Facilitation Training
Northern California Facilitation Training


Our Leadership Inspirations Consulting Team has years of experience working in leadership training and development.  With extensive education and experience ranging from Human Resources to Teaching and Counseling to Consulting, what we love most is developing creative ways to address challenges groups face…because let’s be honest, working with others is necessary for success, but is not an exact science!!

Our philosophy stems from our belief in using models founded in research, activities to address to group dynamics, and challenging teams to action and accountability. We have our ‘Go To’ topics that we specialize in, but are extremely passionate about finding what works best for YOU!

Contact Kim Hayashi at for pricing and scheduling!