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Leadership Inspirations was founded in 2006. Today, we work with over 2,500 students, educators, athletes, and organizations a year!

“I align myself with organizations that are great so that I don’t have to be.
Leadership Inspirations is an organization that does it right.
Everything I have used comes from Leadership Inspirations – no one has done it better than you.”

Jacob Headley, Prospect High School

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Our programs facilitate individual and group problem solving through creative, intentional, and interactive approaches.

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“Every year my school comes back with a whole new attitude and it really sets our school year off well.
It’s truly an opportunity that my school can’t find anywhere else and
we are super thankful to all of the staff. Thank you!

Troy High School Student

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Lessons in Conflict: CrossFit Edition

The clock hanging on the wall began to sound as the instructor addressed the class. After looking at the whiteboard to see today’s agenda, I could only mentally prepare myself for what I knew would be a long and painful hour. This was no regular classroom. This … was my CrossFit gym.



We have all been there, right? The hour leading up to an exam, seconds before an interview, or even moments before an activity you are trying for the first time. The sensation of nerves. The petrifying gut feeling. The fear.

Responsibility v. Fault

When we can take responsibility for our actions instead of placing fault, we become powerful forces in our own lives.

“We thank YOU for all you did for us this year. It’s not easy doing all this online – we totally know that. But you have inspired me to learn new things and go out of my comfort zone.
We are very thankful for Leadership Inspirations!”

Lorena Dayton, Magnolia High School