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‘Me’ Time: Rest, Reflect, Recuperate

Dang, I feel so good about what I did! I put in full effort! I put in WORK! I gave my all and I’m ready to do more, right now!

Okay. Hold up. Pause. We’ve all been here before. We’ve lived this moment of feeling so proud of ourselves that we rush to put that same effort into something else to accomplish. I experienced this recently, only this time, there was nothing for me to jump into next and it felt weird not having anything to keep me busy. I decided to text my mentor. “Give me something to do!” I said. She texted back with, “Rest, reflect, recuperate!”

I thought about those words and she was right. That time for myself was a present for my presence.


We spend valuable physical and mental energy on our achievements, and as great as it feels to jump right away into another task or event, it’s important to rest in order to restore that energy so that we can operate again at our full potential. Some people are acutely aware of when they’re at their limit, so they know when to rest and take care of themselves. However, other people (like me) struggle and automatically resort to willpower to continue to push ourselves forward. This go, go, go mentality can be very productive, but it can also take an unnecessary toll on our lives. If we don’t take the time to rest (even for a little) we might find ourselves overwhelmed, stressed, or burnt out by the things that we usually love to do.  

To rest physically: SLEEP, avoid strenuous activity, stretch, or maybe even treat yourself to a massage. Do anything to help our bodies relax. To rest mentally: SLEEP, don’t over analyze or critique, and focus more on what you need rather than what you need to do. This is the time to slow down and be mindful. We have to take advantage of time to rest. By doing so, we take responsibility for our own health and happiness.


We are constantly making choices. And more often than not in our fast paced world, we don’t get the chance to process why we made those decisions or what learning lessons came from them that will help us to grow. Reflection is where growth happens. It may seem insignificant, but taking the time to reflect is what shapes us into who we are.

So, how do we reflect as leaders? It’s very simple! Think of a task or event that you recently completed (project, facilitating an activity or meeting, etc.). You should think of the moments that went well. Recognize and reward yourself for the things that you did well, this is a good way to get a positive and energizing boost from our reflection. Now, think of the moments you didn’t feel too good about, that maybe if you could go back you might change. How do we want to improve from those instances to become a better leader for ourselves, our team, and others? When we are able to critically reflect, we open the opportunity to grow and develop into better versions of ourselves.


To recuperate simply means to recover or regain. This is when we can start to get back into the swing of things. Here, we’re using only some energy, and reserving the rest for whatever comes our way. This is an important transition time where our resting has finally paid off and we can start acting on our reflection. We’re able to prepare ourselves for the next big task or event in our lives and are energized by the opportunities. Set tangible and realistic goals for yourself, check your own expectations, get motivated and have fun! You’re off to do great things!

Time Is A Present

We could all use time for ourselves to rest, reflect, and recuperate. As great as it is to do one thing after another, there’s only so much our minds and bodies could take. So, remember that this time for ourselves, in this present, is a present for our presence. No matter who we are, it allows us to be better than we were yesterday.

*Leadership Lesson*

Implement the three R’s in your own life! Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Rest- It’s okay to say ‘no’. Give yourself permission to rest, however that looks for you, before taking on another task or responsibility. Read our blog on Self Care for more helpful tips!
  • Reflect- Make a list of at least three questions that you can always ask yourself when you go to reflect. These questions should prompt answers that will help you to grow as a leader.
  • Recuperate- What is one thing that you can Start, Stop, and Continue to do to help you be successful in your next endeavour? Creating tangible action steps helps us to make the most out of this process.


*Meet the Author*

Percival (Per-sih-vul) Amayun (Ah-my-yoon) is aspiring to become a successful creative writer. He is going into his first year of college and this is his first year involved with Leadership Inspirations. He loves milk tea, basketball, volleyball, and having chill jam sessions with his ukulele.