Leadership Inspirations Activities


A group activity where group members try to move into the “Jellybean” seat


10 minutes

Team Stage


Type Of Activity

Energizer, Icebreaker


Chairs (Can Also Be Standing)



In this activity group members play a rhythm game where a mistake causes them to change seats. The goal is to get into the “Jellybean” seat by getting other group members to make a mistake.



  • Make a circle of chairs and have everyone in the group take a seat (you can also play in a standing position).
  • Facilitator Note: This activity also is called ‘Big Booty’ – but has been changed to Jellybean for appropriateness.


  • The person at the 12 o’clock position is in the “Jellybean” Chair. The goal is to get to the “Jellybean” Chair.
  • Number off the other chairs, in clockwise order, starting with 1.
  • The game starts by setting the clap and chant. The body movements are simple, just alternate between patting your legs and clapping your hands. The chant goes like this “Ohhhhhh, Jellybean, Jellybean, Jellybean, oh yeah, Jellybean”
  • As the song ends, the person in the Jellybean chair will start by saying, “Jellybean, Number #” and they will choose a number. The person who has that number will say their own number and then choose another number to go next.
  • Players can also pass back to the Jellybean.
  • Example Play:
  • Jellybean: “Jellybean, Number 5”
  • Person Number 5: “Number 5, Number 12”
  • Person Number 12: “Number 12, Number 9”
  • Person Number 9: “Number 9, Jellybean”
  • Play will continue like this until someone messes up. If a participant says the wrong number or can’t think of a number fast enough, then they go to the end of the line (on the left of the Jellybean chair) and everyone moves up one chair. Be careful: This means that everyone will now all have new numbers!
  • You can increase the tempo of the rhythm/chant to make things more challenging.
  • You can also rename the “Jellybean” seat to whatever you like.


  • You can increase the tempo of the rhythm/chant to make things more challenging.
  • You can also rename the “Jellybean” seat to whatever you like.


  • What was the goal of this activity?
  • Did your group do well? What could have improved?
  • How did your group make decisions? Was it effective or ineffective?
  • How did your group manage conflict that arose?
So What?


  • Are we the only ones that define our purpose? What or who influences our purpose?
  • How do we communicate our purpose to new members or people outside of our group?
  • Why is it important that we all understand the purpose of our group/activity/etc.?
Now What?
  • What does this activity tell you about the strengths of your group? The areas for improvement?
  • What’s one commitment each person can make?
  • What are three lessons the group has learned that they can continue to work on?
  • How can we implement these lessons in our school/organization?
  • What can you do differently moving forward?