Leadership Inspirations Activities

Knot Exchange

Exchange knots of rope and see who can untangle them the fastest


10-20 minutes

Team Stage

Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing

Type Of Activity

Energizer, Experiential Activity





This activity is a great way to get people’s blood pumping. Groups will exchange knots of rope and see who can untie them the fastest! It works well as an icebreaker or energizer.



  • Get into groups of about 6-8 people. Lay three or four ropes on the ground in an asterisk formation for each group. If there is an odd number of people, one person can grab two ends of rope instead of one.


  • Tell everyone to grab one end of a rope and hold on to it. They should not let go of the rope.
  • Give groups two minutes to make the biggest tangle of rope that they can. The more they weave it the more tangled it will be.
  • After groups are done they will carefully lay their rope ends back on the ground and let go.
  • Then instruct the groups to move and pick up the ends of the ropes of another team. They cannot let go of the rope.
  • See who can untangle their mess of rope the fastest!


  • To make this activity even more challenging you can blindfold members of the group or instruct them not to talk.


  • What was the goal of this activity?
  • Did your group do well? What could have improved?
  • How did your group make decisions? Was it effective or ineffective?
  • How did your group manage conflict that arose?
So What?

Group Dynamics

  • What are the traits that make someone successful on this team? What are the traits that make someone unsuccessful on this team?
  • What motivates our group?
  • How does our group dynamic affect the way we get work done?
Now What?
  • What does this activity tell you about the strengths of your group? The areas for improvement?
  • What’s one commitment each person can make?
  • What are three lessons the group has learned that they can continue to work on?
  • How can we implement these lessons in our school/organization?
  • What can you do differently moving forward?