Leadership Inspirations Activities

Magic Carpet

Get from one side of the magic carpet to the other without touching the ground


30-45 minutes

Team Stage

Storming, Norming, Performing

Type Of Activity

Experiential Activity


Poster Paper Or Tarp



The group will need to flip over the ‘magic carpet’ without touching the ground. It was take communication, coordination, and creative thinking to be accomplished.



  • You will need to prepare a tarp, blanket or poster paper just big enough for your entire group to stand on. For larger groups you may want to divide them up into smaller groups.


  • Have the group imagine they are on a magic carpet ride.
  • Describe the beautiful scenery rushing by.
  • But then the group realizes that the magic carpet has no steering wheel and only goes one direction… if they want to get back home they need to flip the carpet over to go the other way.
  • To do so, no one can leave the carpet. If anyone comes in contact with the ground they will have to start over.


  • The smaller the magic carpet, the more challenging the activity will be!
  • Start with a large tarp and see how many times the group can fold it in half and all be on it.
  • If you are using paper, if anyone breaks any of the rules you can ask them to step off of the carpet, cut a piece of it off to make it smaller and then have them restart.


  • What was the goal of this activity?
  • Did your group do well? What could have improved?
  • How did your group make decisions? Was it effective or ineffective?
  • How did your group manage conflict that arose?
So What?


  • Are we the only ones that define our purpose? What or who influences our purpose?
  • How do we communicate our purpose to new members or people outside of our group?
  • Why is it important that we all understand the purpose of our group/activity/etc.?

Inclusion and Involvement

  • What does it mean to be inclusive or exclusive?
  • What did we do as a group that was inclusive? That was exclusive/not inclusive?
  • Why is inclusion and involvement important for our group?


  • When has your group worked well together in the past? When have they not worked well together?
  • When has (something that happened in the activity) happened in the past with your group?
  • What habits or actions make a successful or effective team? What does your group do well as a team? What are your group’s opportunities for growth when working together?
Now What?
  • What does this activity tell you about the strengths of your group? The areas for improvement?
  • What’s one commitment each person can make?
  • What are three lessons the group has learned that they can continue to work on?
  • How can we implement these lessons in our school/organization?
  • What can you do differently moving forward?