Leadership Inspirations Activities

Tap Tap

Participants try not to mess up as they pass a tap around the circle


10 minutes

Team Stage

Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing

Type Of Activity

Icebreaker, Energizer





This icebreaker takes concentration and coordination to win! Group members have to try not to mess up as they pass a tap around the circle.



  • Make sure you have enough space for your entire group to lay on the ground in a circle comfortably.
  • Be aware of any physical injuries or limitations in your group that would prevent members from participating (including appropriate clothing).


  • Instruct the group to lay down in a circle on their stomachs.
  • They will lay with their hands flat on the floor and cross arms with the person on each side of them. Everyone’s left hand should be under someone else’s right, making an ‘x’.
  • The idea is for the group to pass a ‘tap’ around the circle from hand to hand in order. It’s harder then it sounds with people’s hands crossed!
  • When the tap is passed to a participant, they have two choices:
    • If they tap the ground once, the tapping continues in the same direction.
    • If they tap the ground twice, the tapping reverses directions.
  • If someone makes a mistake (taps/flinches when it’s not their turn, taps with the wrong hand etc.) then that one hand is out and should be taken out of the circle.
  • If a player has both hands out, they can move out of the circle.


  • You can add a third action to the game to increase difficulty. If a participant thumps the ground with their fist the tap will continue in the same direction but skip a hand.


  • What was the goal of this activity?
  • Did your group do well? What could have improved?
  • How did your group make decisions? Was it effective or ineffective?
  • How did your group manage conflict that arose?
So What?


  • When has your group worked well together in the past? When have they not worked well together?
  • When has (something that happened in the activity) happened in the past with your group?
  • What habits or actions make a successful or effective team? What does your group do well as a team? What are your group’s opportunities for growth when working together?
Now What?
  • What does this activity tell you about the strengths of your group? The areas for improvement?
  • What’s one commitment each person can make?
  • What are three lessons the group has learned that they can continue to work on?
  • How can we implement these lessons in our school/organization?
  • What can you do differently moving forward?