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After ten years of collecting data on what teams need,
we are excited to announce our 2019 topics for
an amazing introductory rate of $1,500…
even for a half day at the UCI ropes course!

*$1,500 offer is for a 4 hour workshop
with up to 30 participants.
Travel fees apply for any programs
60 miles outside of the 92887 zip code.

Climbing the Ladder of Accountability

Explore different conflict resolution styles and how to overcome conflict through a group model of accountability.

the Sleeping Giant

Discover the underlying causes of conflict and how to use our individual and group strengths to tackle challenges and grow together.

Envisioning Leadership

Design a shared vision through examining values and aligning them with the group purpose.

Life in a Leadership
Fish Bowl

Reveal and identify perceptions of ourselves and our organizations through an exploration of personality, character, strengths, and areas of growth

Motivation in the Making

Identify different motivation dynamics within your group and analyze these to inspire the group to work better together toward your goals.

Stepping Up to Success

Help your team keep themselves and others accountable to their commitments through successful project planning.

We’re Better Together

Examine dimensions of diversity and work to better include, involve, and engage the people that you serve.

What’s Our Status?

Understand the status of our group on campus and how it can positively influence others through effective communication and feedback.

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

Determine the power you and your organization have and how that power can be used to create an inclusive campus climate.

Learning The Ropes

Have a one of a kind experience at the
University of California, Irvine Ropes Course!

Available dates TBD.

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*Leadership Lesson*

If your group is going through the Adjourning stage, try some of these activities to help your group transition and adjust: