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5 New Activities to Help Your Team Grow

From standing meetings to technology in the classroom, the way that we teach and the way that we learn has metamorphosed in the 21st century. One of the most significant trends has been towards a more individualized and experiential development model in both school and work.

One of the original thought leaders in this theory of experiential learning, David Kolb (1984), actually described learning as “the process whereby knowledge is created through the transformation of experience”. It’s just a fancy way of saying that we “learn by doing”.

So, how can we as managers, teachers, or facilitators, create experiences that help our groups to learn the skills that are in demand? In the workplace, this often takes the form of on-site job training, case studies, or role plays. In the classroom, this looks like project-based learning, flipped classrooms, or Socratic seminar. At Leadership Inspirations, we believe that groups have the best chance to “practice how they play” through teambuilding activities. We use the word “teambuilding” loosely to describe any activity that helps groups work better together.

We just added 20+ new activities to our free online Activities Database to help you reach your groups learning goals – from simply getting to know each other to improving public speaking skills. I’ve selected some of my favorites for you to try with your group this week:

Name GamesThese are exactly what they say they are – name games help us to learn people’s names in a fun and interactive way so that we don’t forget!

Paper Airplane Introductions

Make a paper airplane to get to know the people that you work with

IcebreakersIcebreakers sometimes get a bad rap but if they are chosen wisely and used to get your group acquainted with each other, then they can do our groups a lot of good!

Lasting Impressions

Affirm the people in your groups by letting them know the impact that they have on you

Getting to Know You ActivitiesThese activities differ from icebreakers in that they ask our groups to dig below the surface and share more with their group.

Always, Sometimes, Never

Get to know members of your team by responding to various statements

GamesThese activities are simply for fun – they may ask our groups to be silly with each other, to engage in playful competition, or to get energized.

Yours, Your Neighbors

Keep the rhythm of the game going without making any mistakes

Experiential ActivitiesThese activities are used to help groups learn a lesson or solve a problem. They should be discussed and debriefed to maximize their benefit to your group.

Facilitation Karaoke

Practice strong facilitation skills in a fun and creative way