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How It’s Played

Over the last few months we’ve been working on something new and exciting for our website! We’re adding video to our activity instructions! We know that sometimes it’s hard to understand how to lead an activity unless we’ve seen it first. That’s why we’ve started by adding video demonstrations for 16 of our activities that are so fun but might have more complex instructions. And we have many more in the works and on the way! We hope that these videos help you feel ready and excited to lead new activities with your group! Check them out below: 

Boom Chicka Boom

Follow the dance moves of the “leader”


Group members must develop strategy in order to switch places with each other in the circle


Try to catch another person’s finger while keeping your own from being caught


Pass the “Ha” as loud as you can without being eliminated

Ha Ha

Groups try to say ‘ha’ as many times as possible without laughing for real


A group activity where group members try to move into the “Jellybean” seat

Llama Llama

Step outside your comfort zone with this high energy activity of “catch”


Get into smaller groups as quickly as possible


Try not to laugh with this high energy activity

Rock Paper Scissors Posse

Get everyone on your team by being the best at Rock, Paper, and Scissors

Tap Tap

Participants try not to mess up as they pass a tap around the circle

This Game Is Really Fun

Make everyone laugh and feel comfortable with this simple game

Twenty One

Follow the rules as your group tries to count together to 21

Will You Buy My Donkey?

Group members try to sell a very talented donkey to some unwilling buyers

Zip Zap Zop

Pass the bolt of energy without getting caught holding it!

Zip Zap Zop Boing!

Keep the game going without getting tongue tied or confused!