Leadership Inspirations Activities

To Be List

A reflection on purpose  


10-20 minutes

Team Stage


Type Of Activity

Bonding Activity


Paper and pens



In this activity, participants reflect on two different lists: what they want “to do” in their lives and who they want “to be”. Use this as an opportunity to open up a conversation about values, success, or purpose. 



  • Pass out a blank sheet of paper and pen to each participant. 
  • Have them draw a line down the middle so they have two spaces to write in.


  • Ask participants to write the words “To Do” at the top of the first column. 
  • Instruct them to write down all of the things that they want to do in their lifetime. 
    • Where do they want to go, what do they want to accomplish, what do they want to learn, etc. 
  • Give them a few minutes to do this before giving them the next instruction.
  • Next, instruct them to write the words “To Be” at the top of the second column. 
  • Instruct participants to reflect on who they want “to be” in their lifetime. 
    • What qualities and virtues do they want to be known for
    • Examples: Mindful, Kind, Honest 
  • Give them a few minutes to write these things down. 
  • After everyone has finished, have participants pair up to share what they wrote down and what they find interesting about their “To Do” and “To Be” lists.


  • You can also facilitate this as a group activity. What are things your group needs or wants “To Do”. What does your group need “To Be” in order to serve their community or fulfill their purpose. 
  • For adult groups, you may frame this activity as what skills or qualities are on your Resume and what skills or qualities would you want to be known for in your Legacy.
  • Online: To lead this activity online, determine an order to call on participants so that you can keep the conversation moving in a timely and organized manner. 




  • What was the goal of this activity?
  • Did your group do well? What could have improved?
  • How did your group make decisions? Was it effective or ineffective?
  • How did your group manage conflict that arose?
So What?


  • Are we the only ones that define our purpose? What or who influences our purpose?
  • How do we communicate our purpose to new members or people outside of our group?
  • Why is it important that we all understand the purpose of our group/activity/etc.?

Group Dynamics

  • What are the traits that make someone successful on this team? What are the traits that make someone unsuccessful on this team?
  • What motivates our group?
  • How does our group dynamic affect the way we get work done?


  • When has your group worked well together in the past? When have they not worked well together?
  • When has (something that happened in the activity) happened in the past with your group?
  • What habits or actions make a successful or effective team? What are your group’s opportunities for growth when working together?
Now What?
  • What does this activity tell you about the strengths of your group? The areas for improvement?
  • What’s one commitment each person can make?
  • What are three lessons the group has learned that they can continue to work on?
  • How can we implement these lessons in our school/organization?
  • What can you do differently moving forward?