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From Class to Home: Tips For Students

School from home? Initially, it might sound pretty exciting to students. You can wear your pajamas, eat your favorite snacks, and not have to worry about rushing out the door. While learning from home may offer some immediate perks, it may also pose some challenges. While lounging around, procrastination might sink in, laziness might sneak up, and typical accountability structures may fall short. Certainly, routine structures are far from normal. Which is why we have provided some tips to help ease the transitions. Share them with your students. As a bonus, try some of these yourself – they just might benefit you as well! 

  • Get ready – Stick to your usual morning routine. Take care of your personal hygiene. Put on clothes that you would for school.


  • Make a schedule – Follow the same schedule that you typically would on a weekday. Write it out if it helps. Give yourself your lunch break. Make modifications as needed. For example, try an at-home work out during your scheduled PE time.


  • Eliminate distractions – Put your phone in a different room or silence it. Turn off any messaging features—close unnecessary tabs to resist the temptation of internet surfing.


  • Sit at a desk or table – Do not lie down in your bed. For one, this will keep you awake. It will also keep others from being distracted.


  • Take breaks – Eat some healthy food, draw, read, or go for a walk. Check-out our Instagram for daily tips if you need some ideas!


  • Be proactive – It might feel like you have all day, but in reality, it will pass. Get it done so you can enjoy the rest of your day


  • Create your study space – Make sure you have appropriate lighting and a comfortable environment. Be open to trying a new place in the house if your current set-up is not doing the trick.


  • Be mindful – Just because you’re behind a screen does not mean you are invisible. We can all agree it is distracting to see someone laying in bed. Maybe save the snack for later. Let your family know you are in class.


  • Don’t be afraid to speak up – It might be harder to verbalize your needs online, but don’t expect teachers to pick up on your non-verbals. They want to help. Communicate with them. But remember they are not your only option. Utilize your network. Reach out to a parent, a friend, a classmate, or a counselor.


  • Connect – While it may feel a little lonely, not seeing your classmates and teachers every day, remember that you are not alone. Reach out to someone. Check-in on an assignment, remind them that you miss them, text them an appropriately funny meme–do what works for you!


  • Be kind to yourself – This is a challenging time. There are many uncertainties, fears, and anxieties. Be patient and know minor set-backs are okay. You can still get back on track.


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