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Trust Pass

Build trust with each of the members of your group in a fun and dynamic way

Riff Off

Test your musical knowledge with this fun icebreaker


Get to know the people in your group on a much deeper level


Pass the “Ha” as loud as you can without being eliminated

Privilege Throw

Start to understand how power and privilege impacts the group and the people we serve


Find out how well you know your teammates

Trust Walk

Trust your partner to successfully guide you around blindfolded

PB&J Challenge

Try to teach someone how to make a PB&J sandwich with detailed written instruction

Lasting Impressions

Affirm the people in your group by letting them know the impact that they have had on you

Needs and Offers

Get on the same page with the people in your group by discussing individual needs and offers

Liars Auction

Be as persuasive as possible using creative thinking and problem solving skills

Pat on the Back

Remind the people in your group that they are all valued members

Twenty One

Follow the rules as your group tries to count together to 21

Llama Llama

Step outside your comfort zone with this high energy activity of “catch”

Privilege Walk

Learn about other group members’ backgrounds and experiences so that everyone understands each other better

Fear Eulogy

Everyone fears something, but let’s lay those fears to rest

Value Reflection

Recognize the impact that our valued people/things/activities/abilities have on our lives

Tree of Life

Learn more about the people around you with this creative activity!

Zip Zap Zop

Pass the bolt of energy without getting caught holding it!

Four On A Couch

To get the correct group members sitting on the “couch” together


To find things in common with your group members

Jet Fighter

Navigate challenges in communication and figure out what symbol everyone has in common

Traffic Jam

Get out of the traffic jam by switching places with the other team


Get from one side of the grid to the other side by discovering a “safe path”

Silent Opera

Use different communication techniques to accomplish the specific tasks as a team

Tap Tap

Participants try not to mess up as they pass a tap around the circle

Nuclear Waste

As a team move all the ‘nuclear energy’ safely from its old container to its new one


Try to be the fastest and stealthiest member of your group!


All 30 of the numbered “keys” must be physically touched in sequence as quickly as possible – your team will have up to five attempts to get the best time possible


Groups must try to successfully communicate messages to each other through interference

ABC List

Find an item for every letter of the alphabet within a small group’s possession


Try not to get ‘out’, if you do, you have to scream!


A rhythm keeping and memory game for the whole group

Zip Zap

Try to say the name of the person next to you before time runs out

Zen Counting

Get the group to cooperate and focus by counting together without speaking simultaneously

Who Am I?

Find out what famous person you are using only yes or no questions

Welded Ankles

Groups must get from one point to another without ever letting their ankles break apart

Web Of Life

Create an interconnected web with your group as they share things with each other

Water Pass

Move as much water as possible from the front of the line to the back

Touch The Can

Get everyone in the group to touch the object at the same time

Toss Me The Bird

Participants avoid getting tagged by using teamwork to make sure each person remains safe

Tick Tock

Groups have 10 minutes to complete as many tasks and earn as many points as possible

This or That

Choose between “this” or “that” to get to know your group


Get the best ideas out of this fast paced brainstorming session

Telephone Pictionary

In this Telephone/Pictionary hybrid, groups try to pass a message along using phrases and pictures


Send a message around the room as accurately as possible

Team Minefield

Teams try to collect as many cups as possible before time runs out

Straw Game

Balance straws together as group while trying to accomplish different tasks

Stepping Stones

Use ‘stepping stones’ to get everyone safely to the ‘island’

Step Back

Test the group’s knowledge of each other’s names with this fast paced name game


Share positive messages of appreciation for your team


A card game where players compete for spoons

Speed Hoop

Participants hold hands try to move a hula hoop around the circle as quickly as possible

Smaug’s Treasure

Participants use stealth to try to retrieve an object without being detected

Secret Leader

The person in the center must find the “Secret Leader”


To get items from the crowd to the facilitator as fast as possible


How many people can you hide together?

Red Handed

Avoid getting two items in your lap at the same time

Ready, Aim

Partners help each other avoid being hit with a ball while also trying to hit others

Random Word Game

Use seemingly unrelated words to promote brainstorming within a group

Question And Answer

Group members write questions down and answer a random question written by another person

Putting Up A Fight

An activity where participants explain what they would “put up a fight” for


An activity where group members mingle with their eyes closed and if they run into a pruie, they become a part of it


Team members move a marble down a line of pipes without the marble moving backwards or falling on the ground

Pig Personality

Participants draw a pig that reveals information about their personality

Perfect Polygon

Group members will attempt to make shapes using rope, but with their eyes closed

People To People

Group members will be instructed to join limbs and see what kind of funny positions pairs can get into

Penny Flop

Move a penny from your nose off of your face only using facial muscles

Pass The Stone

An activity where opposing teams must guess which group member is holding a stone

Pass It

An activity that stimulates group rhythm by having participants pass a sound around the circle quickly and on beat

Name Olympics

Learn each others names through alliterations and actions

Name Duck

Get to know the names of the people in your group

Mole Game

An activity about working together through challenges with trust


Get into smaller groups as quickly as possible


Navigate the minefield to retrieve as many of the items on the other side as possible

Marker Madness

Participants will need to coordinate their efforts in order to create a complete picture together as a group

Magic Carpet

Get from one side of the magic carpet to the other without touching the ground

Magic Box

Learn each others names while telling a funny story as a group


Test your group’s investigative skills in this game of strategy and deception

Look At Me

Group members try to learn names while meeting as many people as possible

Line Ups

To line up in a variety of ways without talking

Label Me

Explore how the way that we treat others affects a group’s ability to work together

Knot Not A Knot

Decide if the rope has a knot tied in it in the shortest amount of time

Knot Exchange

Exchange knots of rope and see who can untangle them the fastest


A fun, fast-paced team card game

Job Fair

Understand each other’s job roles and responsibilities


A group activity where group members try to move into the “Jellybean” seat

Human Knot

The group must untangle itself to form a circle

Human Billboards

Groups will tell each other about themselves by designing ‘human billboards’

Human ABCs

Groups work together to make capital letters using their bodies

Hot Seat

Each person in the ‘hot seat’ gets to spend time answering questions about themselves

Hog Call

Participants try to find their partner from across the room with their eyes closed

Helium Hoop

Try to lower the hula hoop to the ground quickly and evenly

Have You Ever?

Learn more about each other by asking random and unique questions

Ha Ha

Groups try to say ‘ha’ as many times as possible without laughing for real

Group Push Up

To have the group find a way to get the entire group safely off of the ground with only hands touching ground

Group Profile

Team members get to know each other by answering questions and contributing to a group mural

Group Mandala

Participants will get to know more about each other through different objects of significance

Group Juggle

Learn each other’s names while juggling different objects


Try to catch another person’s finger while keeping your own from being caught


Group members must develop strategy in order to switch places with each other in the circle

Gallery Walk

Small groups works together to create a ‘gallery’ of thoughts, ideas, and reflections

Four Points

To cross a space as a group touching the ground only four times

Four Corners

The group explores their values and ethics interactively

Fortune Cookie Questions

Individuals in your group will answer questions about various aspects of themselves or the organization


The group must ask and answer questions to get to know each other as quickly as they can

Five Pointed Stars

Group members attempt to make a star using a rope with a limited number of moves

Feedback-It Ball

See the value of different forms of feedback while participating in a fun activity


Group members will try to “evolve” through different motions

Everybody Up

Everyone will try to stand up at the same time without using their hands or support


Group members try to guess the identities of other group members to get them to join their “empire”


A high energy activity that requires teams to race to an object by sending “electrical impulses” through their team members


To connect with partners using quick high and low risk questions

Draw Your Life

Participants draw a picture that depicts different aspects or times in their lives

Dot Dot Dot

Group members try to sort themselves by the dots on their foreheads that they cannot see

Cross The Line

Participants silently explore topics of diversity by crossing a line to share their experiences and identities

Comfort Zone

An activity that examines how comfortable people in the group are with certain statements

Come On Over

Convince other group members to join your “side”

Coat of Arms

Create your own personal “Coat of Arms” to share with your group

City Recharge

Group members lift up water bottles without disconnecting hands


An activity where group members will try to make it through the course without crashing

Card Triangles

Groups must try to create as many complete and correct cards as possible

Candy Challenge

A series of activities that culminate in the construction of a bridge out of candy

By The Numbers

An activity where group members will arrange themselves in numerical order without talking

Body Builders

Turn your teammates into “body builders” with balloons

Black Magic

In this activity participants are trying to determine the secret behind a ‘magic trick’

Balloon Kebab

Figure out how to push a skewer through a balloon without popping it

Back To Back Drawing

An activity that requires a participant to draw what their partner describes to them

Around The World

An active name game where participants introduce themselves and race to take a seat in the circle

Anger Ball-Toss

Have the group talk about the things that really get under their skin

Amoeba Race

Form an amoeba with your team and try to move together to a designated finish line

Alphabet Review

Using the alphabet as a guide, participants identify lessons learned or information known

3, 2, 1

A quick and easy way to check in or out with your group

Zoom ReZoom

Put the pictures in order without showing them to each other