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Activity Spotlight: Facilitation Karaoke

For the next few blogs, we will be highlighting some activities that you can easily do with your group online! As a reminder, you can always visit our Activities Database to find more activities to help your students connect, grow, and learn as a team.

Today, we are featuring Facilitation Karaoke, which offers a creative, impromptu way to practice presentation, improv, and facilitation skills! To facilitate this activity, follow the instructions below, and check out the video to see it in action. 


  1. To prep for this activity, create a presentation where each slide has a picture (can be of anything!) and a number. The numbers will go in a random order, and you should have enough slides for however many participants are in your group.  
  2. Assign each participant a number, and share this list with participants. You can do this in a chat or email. For example:  
    • Caelan – 1 
    • Kylie – 2 
    • Meghan – 3 
  3. When a number and picture appear on the screen, the participant assigned to that number will have 30 seconds (or shorter/longer depending on the size of your group) to facilitate something about that picture. If you have talked about facilitation tools, remind participants to remember all of the facilitation tools they have learned prior.
  4. After the 30 seconds is up, change slides. The facilitator must make some sort of connection between their slide and the next slide.
    • Facilitator Note: As the facilitator, you have control over how easy or difficult these transitions can be dependent on the topics and slides you include. 
  5. After the presentation has finished and everyone has had a chance to facilitate, engage the group in a large group debrief.


See what some of our participants had to say!

  • “I love that this activity helps people have fun while presenting! The “improv” style guarantees an engaging experience for everyone.” – Caelan 
  • “What I love most about this activity is the silly side you start to see come out of people! It’s so fun and never fails to make me laugh.” -Kylie
  • “I loved how this challenged me to draw connections between seemingly random things. Because we never knew what was coming, it kept me on my toes and engaged!” – Caroline


Once you try the activity, spend a few minutes debriefing it. This can help your group generate ideas and reflect on the ways a simple activity can change the dynamic of the group! For Facilitation Karaoke, here are some questions we’d encourage you to ask: 

  1. What was fun about that experience? What was challenging?
  2. How were you able to transition between slides?
  3. How did this help your presentation, facilitation, or public speaking skills?

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