Can’t Do It All

Participants will start to learn about the dangers of multitasking and how it is not an effective way to get things done.

Dealing With Setbacks

Participants will practice using failure as an opportunity to learn, understand that creativity and innovation is a long-term, cyclical process of small successes and frequent mistakes through learning about the path successful people took.

People Like Me

Participants will accurately summarize and interpret data with an awareness of personal biases that may impact outcomes.

Let’s Figure it Out

Participants will explore the importance of interpreting information and draw conclusions based on the best analysis by completing a crossword puzzle.

What Do I Need

Participants will proactively anticipate needs and prioritize action steps by drawing what a person would need for a particular event.

Time To Focus!

Participants will show a level of dedication toward doing a good job while creatively completing a drawing exercise.