The LI Coach Experience

What is it like to be an LI Coach? These past and present Coaches share their experience and how it has impacted their lives personally and professionally. Many of them started as students and have now worked numerous summers, taking off time from their full time work to continue to build our future generation of leaders.  

“Leadership Inspirations has invested so much in me, personally and professionally. I use the skills I learned, particularly as an Assistant Coach, every day in my Human Resources role at a Fortune 500 company. Those were formative development experiences for my career.”

Kristen Vega Glass
LI Coach since 2010

L&D Program Manager, Essex Property Trust

“Joining the Leadership Inspirations Staff was easily the best decision I could have ever done for my professional career! This team prompted me to grow in an organic, supported, and challenging way that put me light years ahead in my professional development; all while building amazing friendships and networks that continue to blossom.”

Kevin Benitez
LI Coach since 2016

Client Services Manager, TikTok

“Being on staff is incredible. You are challenged, encouraged, and supported in everything you do. LI has pushed me to back up my thoughts and actions and has given me the chance to be a part of something bigger than myself. I love that I’m able to work alongside amazing leaders and that I learn something new every day about myself and the world around me.” 

Kait Ziegler
LI Coach since 2018

Regional L&D Consultant, Quick Quack Car Wash

“Leadership Inspirations helps individuals embrace their purpose by creating an environment where students can learn about themselves and others while continuing to develop their own ability to be effective leaders.”

Joe Pazmany
LI Coach since 2008

CEO, Innovade
Adjunct Professor, Chapman University

Joining Leadership Inspirations is like joining a big family- one that supports you every step of the way.  Whether that be during your time spent on staff, or beyond.  It provides you with an incredible opportunity, not only to influence the lives of high school students, but to change your own life as well. I learned more in 4 days with LI than I did in 4 years in college. Prior to becoming a Head Coach, I had very little idea what I wanted to do with my life when I graduate. After spending the summer with LI, I realized that there is nothing I am more passionate about than the development of others.”  

Clare Bastian
LI Coach since 2023

Account Coordinator, Costin Public Outreach Group

“LI gives you the foundation needed to reach your full potential! You will be pushed, challenged, supported, and encouraged on your journey to self-improvement as a leader. This is the best group of people I have ever worked with as I know they all work towards the same goal which is fostering growth in others and themselves through service.”

Isabel Barton
LI Coach since 2023

Behavior Interventionist, Easter Seals Southern California

“Working on the LI summer staff was one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had. Not only did I help students strengthen their leadership abilities, I grew my personal leadership knowledge and skills alongside an incredibly wise, supportive and encouraging team. Joining the LI summer staff has been the best decision I could have made to give me the courage I need to succeed in my professional career.”

Hannah Chernin
LI Coach since 2023

Crew Member, Trader Joe’s

“Working with LI has been the highlight of every summer. I’ve met some of the most creative, kind, and self-reflective people who genuinely share the passion of supporting youth in developing leadership skills to apply to every aspect of their lives. I’ve grown so much, personally and professionally, and cannot wait to see what’s to come with LI in the future.”

Zz Khan
LI Coach since 2019

Mental Health Specialist, Gardner Health Services

“Being involved with LI throughout college was a fun way to spend time with my friends while making an impact on future generations of leaders. Little did I know it would also turn into many long lasting friendships and relationships with some amazing people (like Kim! Who I have the privilege to call my mentor). LI and the people of LI are the gift that keeps on giving!”

Ryan Estes
LI Ops since 2015
Sr Event Technology Operations Manager, AWS

 “Working at Leadership Inspirations is one the most rewarding experiences! You will help students develop as leaders while becoming a better leader yourself. You will broaden your leadership toolkit, build a community with fellow coaches, and play a positive role in students’ lives!”

Caroline DeStefano
LI Coach since 2018

Societal Impact Implementation Manager, Center for Creative Leadership

“Being an LI Coach was one of the best experiences I’ve had…It’s incredibly rewarding and empowering…not only do you get to help others, you grow in the process as well. I’ve met some of the most amazing people from LI and some of my best friends.”

Eryn Brinitzer
LI Coach 2017-2020

Sr Account Manager, Movers and Shakers

“Working at LI has been a truly outstanding experience. I have been challenged in so many ways to become a better leader and person through our work planning for activities and programs, as well as just by being surrounded by and connecting with our staff. Everyone has such a deep commitment to the growth of themselves and the skill building of others that there is no other environment like it.”

Sean Barnett
LI Coach since 2021

Enterprise Business Development Representative, Imperva

“Leadership Inspirations has an atmosphere that organizations should aspire to imitate. It allows for fun and enjoyment to drive success. Leadership Inspirations is like a family and the joy one gets from having those experiences is incredible.”

Nick Rooney
LI Coach 2018

Operations Manager, Alder

“Being on the LI staff is unlike any other work experience I’ve had. It’s challenging and requires a lot of hard work but it is incredibly rewarding – for the students and staff. I go back, year after year, because it is one of the only positions that makes me feel like I can make a true difference AND empowers me to be better personally.”

Lindsay Mathers
LI Coach since 2015
School Psychologist

“Working with Leadership Inspirations ignited a love of learning that has stuck with me throughout my life. Whether it be personal or professional, I am always figuring out new ways to adapt leadership curriculum to enhance my everyday lifestyle.”

Gino Calavitta
LI Coach since 2013

Senior Talent Acquisition Partner,

“Being an LI Coach has given me the opportunity to grow exponentially as an individual and as a leader, while also allowing me to help others grow as well. The LI staff aren’t just colleagues, they’re family.”

Sara Hilecher
LI Coach 2016-2020

Learning and Enablement Partner, TikTok

“Leadership Inspirations has given me a community of dedicated leaders who are passionate about helping young people grow into strong leaders. Being a part of this team has been nothing short of amazing and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work with them!”

Siena Boser
LI Coach since 2019
Cast Member, Disneyland Resort

“Working with LI was an amazing and fulfilling experience. Not only did I help students realize their potential, but I learned about myself as well. Watching the impact we have on someone unfold is something we rarely experience but working at LI, I was able to experience that daily. If you ever have an opportunity to work with Kim Hayashi, I highly recommend it. She became one of the most influential people in my life. I am forever grateful to Leadership Inspirations.”

Dominic Vaccher
LI Coach since 2018

Law Clerk, Arizona Court of Appeals

“It was the best experience of my college career.”

Wilson Parnell
LI Coach since 2015

Principal – Customer Success, Palo Alto Networks

“My time at Leadership Inspirations was truly transformative. It is more than just a workplace, it is a community. You will gain valuable skills that will be instrumental not only in your professional growth, but in your personal development as well!”

Kylie Parks
LI Coach since 2019

Adjunct Professor, Chapman University