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Everyday Superheroes

When we think of superheroes, notable figures like Iron Man, Wonder Woman, or Black Panther might come to mind. There are so many reasons to love superheroes – they teach us life lessons, provide us role models, and help us to discover our own strengths. These heroes are so beloved that in 1995, employees of Marvel Comics created National Superhero Day. Celebrated each year on April 28th, this day is meant to honor the heroes in our lives, both fictional and real. 

Our real-life superheroes might not have superpowers or secret identities, but they are still people we look up to every day. In this last year, as we have navigated challenges like the pandemic, natural disasters, and social strife, these people have played such an important role in our lives. We might think of the nurses and doctors who have dedicated themselves to caring for COVID patients. We may think of the teachers who have guided our children through distance learning. We may think of the grocery store workers who were on the frontlines continuing to provide us with essential supplies. We might think of friends or family members who reached out to us to make sure we were okay. These everyday acts of leadership and heroism leave a lasting impact on the people in our communities and inspire us to do the same. 

As educators and team leaders, we can help our groups to not only recognize and appreciate these heroes, but also to become everyday heroes for the communities that we serve.

For Educators

When we ask students about their heroes – we learn something very special about them. We learn what they value, who they admire, and how they want to grow. We can encourage them to have heroes but also to strive to be heroes themselves. To celebrate National Superhero day with your students, consider some of these activities:

  • Ask students to think about what makes someone a hero. Have them share about their personal heroes. 
  • Teach students about some of the world’s unsung heroes like Dorothy Height or Maurice Hillman. 
  • Honor community heroes with care packages or thank you letters. 
  • Task students to come up with heroic acts that they can do for others.
  • Watch a superhero movie or read a comic together.

Enjoy celebrating this day together and use it as a time to empower students to think about the positive impact that they can make on the world!

For Teams

Some of the most well-known superhero teams include The Avengers, X-Men, or Justice League. These are often motley crews that come together to prevail over evil and restore good in the world. While our teams might not have superpowers, they are still able to learn a lot from these heroes about how to build effective teams that can make a difference. Ultimately, these teams show us how collective heroics can be powerful catalysts for change. Celebrate the efforts of your super team on National Superhero day by conducting a SOAR (Strengths. Opportunities. Aspirations. Results.) analysis. This strategic planning tactic highlights current strengths and opportunities that can help to create a vision for the future and define the results they want to achieve. This exercise can help to align teams around the positive impact that they want to make on their internal and external communities. Encourage teammates to think about what “superpowers” they bring to this vision and how their unique contributions can help make it come to life. Lastly, have them think about everyone who will benefit from their efforts – what lasting change will they make possible?

We can all use a hero every once in a while. National Superhero Day celebrates the people and characters in our lives that inspire us, give us hope, and do good for the world. Take the day to help spread a little bit of that good with your group!

Allow us to help you build superhero teams! Whether you are a work team or a school team, we have a program for you. Contact to learn which programs will give your groups the superpowers they need to succeed together!

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