Leadership Inspirations Programs

Executive Board Training

Your Executive Board is the key to many doors this year…and aligning your leadership is necessary to achieve a more cohesive, effective and functional group!  This annual training has been designed to enable the leaders of your student group to understand their roles, explore their group dynamic, and create foundational pieces to help guide their group throughout the year. Your groups will spend time in their own team and have the opportunity to network with other Exec Boards.

Training Includes:
8 hour conference, lunch, advisor session

Sessions explore leadership models, goal setting, understanding group dynamics, and more.

Networking and idea sharing with other Execs!

Pricing: $100 per person

This training is designed for executive boards up to a
maximum of 8 students. 
An adult advisor must also be present for each group in attendance.

Date: 2020 Date To Be Announced

Location: TBD


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