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Facilitation Training

[virtual] Facilitation Training
Includes special bonus offer below!

Facilitation is meant to make things easier!
This interactive Facilitation Training is designed to make it easier to lead, learn, and collaborate with your students.
This program is the result of years of experience working with small and large groups and is founded in empirical models and organizational theory.

Explore methods to better engage your audience, tools to design an experiential learning environment, and strategies to develop action-oriented leaders. As a result, you will be able to facilitate experiences that are intentional, engaging, and maximizes the potential of your team.

Join the 89% of attendees that reported
      an 8 out of 10 confidence level with
            the knowledge and practice of
 online facilitation after this training!

Looking for a little extra help with group dynamics or engagement?
We’ve got you covered!
– Start with our signature Facilitation Training
– Receive 4 Starter Activity Booklets
Getting To Know You, Icebreakers, Energizer and Appreciation & Bonding
– 5 specially curated ad
ditional activities EACH MONTH!

Activities accompanied by instructional videos, detailed instructions, & variations.
This special offer is for 1 annual license.

“The task of leadership is to create an alignment of strengths so strong that it makes the system’s weaknesses irrelevant.” – Peter Drucker

“I never, in my wildest dreams, would have ever thought I would enjoy a three hour training over the computer. I. WAS. SO. WRONG. We literally couldn’t do this with anyone else.”

Anaheim YMCA Staff Member

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