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How to Motivate Yourself With Your Five Senses

Depending on who you ask, motivation can either peak or plummet in January. For many of us, this month marks the beginning of a New Year, with exciting resolutions and a jump start on our goals. With fresh projects and newfound energy, we might feel a renewal of our motivation. But what if that isn’t the case? There are a number of factors that might make it difficult to maintain our motivation. We may be burnt out on tasks from last year or overwhelmed by upcoming changes. On top of that, many of us also took time off for the holidays, and coming back is proving difficult to get back in the zone. 


The answer to recapturing motivation may be found by focusing on your five senses! 

  • SEE: What are you seeing in your workspace that is or is not working to motivate you? What changes can you make to help things feel new and exciting? 
  • HEAR: What sounds motivate you? Would a “wake-up” song pump you up? Or calming music to bring focus? Maybe the sounds of nature or the bustle of a busy city? 
  • SMELL: How can your sense of smell help you get and stay motivated? Studies link the olfactory system to brain function, so trying a new candle, diffuser, or even a new coffee scent could help wake up your brain and get you going. 
  • TASTE: Perhaps your sense of taste can provide the motivation you need. Whether it’s nutritious brain food or a guilty pleasure to eat as a reward, pick some new snacks to have on hand!
  • TOUCH: Finally, how might your touch influence you? Is your chair too soft or too firm? Are you positioned in a posture that is conducive to you? Make sure you are comfortable enough to be able to work, but not too comfortable that you’re tempted to slip into a midday snooze.

Being motivated in our daily lives allows us to grow our interests, develop our talents, and boost our engagement. When we are motivated at work, we are more likely to be satisfied with our jobs and achieve higher levels of performance. Whenever you feel like you are losing motivation, take some time to tap into your senses and see what you can do to recapture it!

*Leadership Lesson*

You can set yourself, or your group, up for success by spending a week focusing on one of the five senses each day. On the first day, reflect on the questions about sight and make changes or adjustments to your routines or atmosphere as you see fit. Then do the same the next day with hearing. By the end of the week you’ll be set up for optimal motivation!

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