Student Programs

Leadership Academy 2024


for a bonding experience that

instills action planning and accountability skills,

builds effective teams, expands your network,

and enhances your leadership impact!

Limited spots available! 

It is the best bonding and team building for the beginning of school. It helps set the tone for the year… My students came back from Networking Sessions with MANY new ideas.

Savanna HS Advisor

I liked how they related activities back to ASB today. This is really helpful for my students… [the coaches] were open to adapting their lessons to fit our needs and constantly communicating with me.

Western HS Advisor

I enjoyed my time in the sessions. I learned so much about my team. I liked watching my leaders transform and think outside of themselves.

Magnolia HS Advisor

Our leaders were TREMENDOUS & MAGICAL! The way that they were able to tailor activities to what our group needed was perfect. They were flexible and sessions never felt prescriptive or stale. I’m so impressed.

Orange HS Advisor

Leadership Academy 2024 Info:

Registration information coming soon! Email your interest to be notified when registration opens.


Leadership Academy includes:

– 3-day, 2-nights at Cal Poly Pomona with room and board
– School sessions designed for your group by your dedicated Leadership Coach(es)
– Specially curated, interactive, and engaging mixed-school sessions

– Camp t-shirt and resources
– Access to a passionate, experienced team dedicated to helping you reach your goals

We look forward to seeing you this summer for a camp experience unlike any other!

Check out how students have rated their experience!

My experience helped me grow in so many different skill sets with engaging activities. I was able to communicate with others and bring back much useful information for my ASB team.

Western Student

I honestly had a lot of fun and got to talk with many others. I got to go out of my comfort zone and had multiple genuine conversations not only with my team but with some people from other schools during networking.

Esperanza Student

Their energy was so fun and genuine and funny and inspirational and I loved coming to camp… Coming to the room with their energy really brightened my day.😃 They’re really nice leaders.

Oxford Academy Student

To start with a group of people you barely know, and by the end of camp, feeling like you truly care about each of them and feel comfortable sharing who you are is simply one of the coolest things a person can ask for.

OCSA Student

This was such an eye opening experience that brought me closer to the team and made me more confident in my abilities and the goals we want to accomplish.

Chaminade Student

My experience at Leadership Academy was very unique, inspiring, and motivating. I felt that through thorough interaction with my school and other schools, I have more confidence in being a leader.

Savanna Student

See students making fun memories, growing, and bonding as a team…

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