Leadership Lesson 1

This week’s featured Leadership Lesson
is here! Check it out before it goes away at the end of November.

In our most recent blog, we share the data we collected on student demographics from our Summer Leadership Academy 2021! Here is a quick preview of what we found. Read our blog, The Leaders of Tomorrow to find out why this type of data is important!

Want to try this with your group? Have a discussion about the demographics of your school and what you can do to be more inclusive to more groups of people. Use these questions as conversation starters:

  • What does diversity mean to you? How do you define it?
  • What are the different groups on our campus? List these out.
  • What are we doing to include these group in our events? 
  • What can we do better to include these groups in our events?
  • What demographic data do we need to know about our students? (e.g, Age, Gender, Race, etc)