Leadership Lesson 2

This week’s featured Leadership Lesson
is here! Check it out before it goes away at the end of November.

In our recent blog post we share our findings on group connectedness before and after our Summer Leadership Academy 2021! Here is a quick preview of what we found. Read our blog, Connection Matters to find out why feelings of connectedness are so important!

Check in with your group this week to get a gauge on how connected they feel by asking these questions: 

  • How connected did you feel to this group six months ago?
  • How connected do you feel to this group today?
  • What is one thing that would make you feel more connected to our group?

Adjust these questions if you have a different time frame in mind. If you feel like your group will benefit from having this discussion face to face, make sure you create the right space for the group to feel safe in being able to share. If you feel the group may benefit from sharing anonymously, have everyone submit their answers to the first two questions anonymously and the third can be discussed together after the results from the first two questions are shared.