Leadership Lesson 3

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In our most recent blog, we share the data we collected on student and advisor perception of prepardeness for the upcoming school year from our Summer Leadership Academy 2021! Here is a quick preview of what we found. Read our blog, Be Prepared, for more information.

Do your students feel prepared for the next semester? Take some time to have each person check in with themselves and others on what they need to do to feel prepared. On an index card or sheet of paper, have everyone rank themselves on how prepared they feel for the upcoming semester on a scale of 1-10 (1=not prepared at all, 10=I feel totally prepared).

On the back of this paper have them write:

  • 3 things they can do to feel more prepared.
  • 2 obstacles that might get in their way.
  • 1 way they will stay accountable to themselves and peers and overcome these obstacles.