Leadership Lesson 4

This week’s featured Leadership Lesson
is here! Check it out before it goes away at the end of November.

In our most recent blog, we share the data we collected on what leadership skills students developed during our Summer Leadership Academy 2021! Here is a quick preview of what we found. Read our blog, Leaders: Born or Made? to see where you fall on the debate of whether leaders are born with natural skills or their skills can be developed with time and practice!

In your group, have an actual debate…well, more of a discussion…about this! 

  • Number your group off 1, 2, 1, 2…etc. 
  • In small groups, have 1’s discuss with each other all the possible reasons why Leaders are Born and add them to a flip chart paper or white board. 
  • Have the 2’s do the same, but explore all the reasons why Leaders are Made.
  • Have each side present their findings.
  • Have all the 1s pair up with a 2. In these pairs, each person should share one thing they agreed with from the opposite stance. For example, 1s should share one thing they agreed with that the 2s shared; and the 2s should share one thing they agreed with that the 1s shared.
  • End with a full group discussion about why it is important to recognize that Leaders are BOTH born and made!