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Living the Introverted Dream

If someone approached me at the end of 2019 and told me that within a few months, I would be working from home, staying in pajamas for days on end, and not be forced to make small talk with anyone, I would probably celebrate! Celebrate at home, of course, alone in my room while watching a movie from the comfort of my bed. 

If you couldn’t tell already by my reaction to social distancing, I am definitely more of an introvert. And to be clear, just because I’m introverted, does not mean I do not enjoy time with others; I just get my energy and a chance to recharge by being alone. Extroverts, get that energy from people. And while this whole situation seems ideal for me or any other introverts like me, it’s turning out to be a lot more challenging than I could have expected! But interestingly enough, introverts are not the only people learning things about themselves. Extroverts are being tested every single day with these new social distancing rules.

I am currently quarantining with two extroverts, Elle and Kevin, so I was curious to hear about their experiences. After asking them both some questions, Elle emphasized how she has had to become more intentional about reaching out and spending quality time with people. Before quarantine, she explained that it was easy for her to get her ‘fill’ of social interaction by going to class or simply just running into people. Now though, it is much harder to do that, so she has been trying to reach people through Zoom or FaceTime to make sure she is getting enough energy from other people. 

Kevin explained that despite his collaborative nature, he has been struggling with collaborating in an online setting. So although he prefers bouncing ideas off of others, he has found himself wanting to work alone more frequently, falling back on some of his more introverted qualities. So even though quarantine has posed additional challenges for extroverts, they both agreed that this time has allowed them to place more of an emphasis on their mental health. 

As an introvert, this time has helped me come to some new realizations as well. I have found myself needing more social interaction than I thought I needed. I have begun to look at it this way: just because someone doesn’t have an appetite doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t continue to eat nourishing food. 

As our world continues to evolve and we adapt to new norms,  introversion and extroversion pose an interesting dynamic. Before social isolation, we were living in an extrovert’s world, and now we are living in an introvert’s world. And perhaps because of that, we will have to adjust to our natural tendencies. We will start to see extroverts embracing their introverted tendencies and introverts craving their extroverted tendencies. 

We are currently living through one of the most bizarre times in modern society, and there is so much uncertainty. While this is undoubtedly scary, we are also living through a massively bonding experience. We are all making new realizations and adjustments together, leaving me with the hope that once we heal, we will all come out of this with a new-found sense of empathy. 

*Leadership Lesson* 

I encourage you to check-in with yourself and consider the different ways you appreciate and utilize time with/without people. Remember that neither introverted or extroverted tendencies are better, they are natural preferences we are all born with. What is important is to reflect and check-in with ourselves regularly to ensure we are getting what we need to be happy and healthy!

If you tend to be more introverted, ask yourself these questions:

  1. What has social distancing taught me about myself?
  2. What have I come to realize about spending time with others?
  3. How can I be more intentional about connecting with others moving forward?

If you tend to be more extroverted, ask yourself these questions: 

  1. What has social distancing taught me about myself?
  2. What have I come to appreciate about spending more time with myself?
  3. How can I be more intentional about my alone time in the future?

*Meet the Author*

Kylie is entering her second year with Leadership Inspirations! She is currently a student at Chapman University, working towards her B.A. in Integrated Educational Studies with a double minor in Psychology and Leadership. 

Favorite Quote: “Take your time, don’t move too fast, troubles come and they will pass” – Lynyrd Skynyrd

Fun Facts: 1) I grew up overseas in 7 different countries 2) I love music and love to sing 3) I can play 5 instruments!