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About This Privacy Policy 

We want you to know that at Leadership Inspirations we take privacy very seriously.  Leadership Inspirations is committed to protecting your privacy and ensuring you have a positive experience when using any services and content provided by or through Leadership Inspirations, or when visiting our promotional or marketing websites, such as leadershipinspirations.com.

This Privacy Policy explains how we handle data, including what we collect and how we obtain it, how we use it, when and if we disclose it, and some of your options for managing your data with Leadership Inspirations.

Information that can be used to identify or be reasonably associated with a specific person is “personal data.”  Where the data described in this policy is personal data, we only disclose it in the ways we have stated.

In addition, we have established policies to protect K-12 students using our services through their schools for their education.  These policies are included in this Privacy Policy.  Aside from providing services to K-12 students through schools as discussed herein, Leadership Inspirations does not knowingly allow children under the age of 13 to sign up for their own accounts.  If you are a parent or legal guardian and believe your child has given us information, you can contact us at info@leadershipinspriations.com, and we will take appropriate steps to investigate and address the issue.

This Privacy Policy may be updated periodically because our business, or regulations that apply to Leadership Inspirations, may change.  If we make any material changes to the way we handle personal data as described here, we will notify you by posting an updated notice on our website.  We encourage you to review this page regularly for the latest information on our privacy practices.

K-12 Users

Leadership Inspirations partners with schools to provide video communications to support distance learning, guest lectures, and more.  As part of the services Leadership Inspirations provides to K-12 schools, Leadership Inspirations may be used by students, including students under the age of 13.  Leadership Inspirations is committed to protecting the privacy of K-12 users, and Leadership Inspirations’s Privacy Policy is designed to reflect our compliance with the applicable requirements of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), the Student Online Personal Information Protection Act (SOPIPA), and other applicable laws.  This policy applies to students and other end users who may be using Leadership Inspirations under accounts created by School Clients (as that term is defined below), regardless of whether such School Client account is paid for or free.

Requirements for Student Information Collection

Before collecting any personal information (“Personal Information”) from K-12 students accessing Leadership Inspirations for services, we require each student’s parent/legal guardian and the “School Client”—typically the students’ school, school district, administrator or teacher—to contractually consent to our information practices, as permitted by applicable law.

We only collect students’ Personal Information to provide services to the School Client, and, with the limited exception of our service providers (to the extent necessary to provide their services to us), we do not share Personal Information about K-12 students except as directed by the School Client or required or permitted by law, as set forth in this Privacy Policy and consistent with our agreements with our School Clients.

Collection and Use of Data

When users, including students, use Leadership Inspirations services, by the very nature of the usage and service, data is collected.  

Data you give us (or that we may receive from another Leadership Inspirations account holder, for example, a School Client):

Type of data:


Leadership Inspirations uses it to:

Information that identifies you

Your name, address, telephone number, email address, age, gender, school

Create an account when you sign up

Provide tailored services and programming

Respond to requests from you

Send you marketing communications, unless you tell us not to (does not apply to K-12 student users)

User content:  information you or others upload, provide, or create while using Leadership Inspirations

Photos, recordings, chat messages, files, voicemails, other information shared while using the service

Provide services and programming

Analyze how to improve our services and develop new programming

Account data and payment information

Company, title, department, and credit/debit card or other payment method

Create an account when you sign up

Charge account holders 

Provide tailored information

Respond to requests from you



Leadership Inspirations may choose to record meetings, seminars, or other activities provided through Leadership Inspirations services, whether held in-person or online (e.g., through webinar).  If you attend a Leadership Inspirations meeting or webinar as a participant, such recordings may contain personal data.  We may store such recordings on Leadership Inspirations’s cloud or local storage device for our use in analyzing how to improve our services and for developing new programming.

Comply with legal obligations

We use data to comply with our contractual and legal obligations, resolve disputes with users, and enforce our agreements, if needed.

Other data

Leadership Inspirations and/or our third-party service providers may also automatically collect some information using methods such as cookies.  Information automatically collected may include, but is not limited to, Internet protocol (IP) addresses, browser types, Internet service providers (ISP), operating systems, and date/time stamps.  We use this information to provide and support the Leadership Inspirations services.  We do not use this information to deliver advertising or for any other purpose not related to the delivery and support of the services.

Student information collection and data use

We gather students’ Personal Information from the student’s parent/legal guardian, from the School Client, and directly from the student as they interact with educational content on the Leadership Inspirations platform.

We use Personal Information collected from and about students only as needed to deliver the functionality of Leadership Inspirations services and operate our business, as described herein.

We may use all of the types of Personal Information that we collect for the following purposes:

  1. Providing, personalizing, operating, and maintaining our services.
  • School Client account configuration and maintenance.
  • Enabling meetings and webinars between the School Client and their students/participants.
  • Hosting and storing personal data from meetings and webinars on behalf and at the direction of the meeting host/School Client.
  • Providing access to data and reports to School Clients based on information collected from students’ use of our Service.
  • Providing support and assistance for Leadership Inspirations’s services.
  • Complying with our contractual and legal obligations, resolving disputes with users, and enforcing our agreements.

Some of the students’ Personal Information is shared with other meeting participants during the use of Leadership Inspirations’s services.  For example, messages and content shared by a student in a meeting, webinar, or interactive educational setting, including Personal Information, will be available to all other participants in that meeting.  If the School Client or a student shares a meeting link with another user who is not already in the meeting, when that user tries to join the meeting, he or she will be able to see the list of other users in the meeting, as well as other invitees joining the meeting.

We may use third-party service providers to help us provide Leadership Inspirations services, and they may have access to Personal Information in the process.  We prohibit our service providers from selling Personal Information they receive from us or on our behalf and require them to only use that Personal Information in order to perform the services we have asked of them, unless otherwise required by law.  

  1. Following the instructions of our School Client.

We may be required to follow a School Client’s instructions related to students’ Personal Information we have collected on their behalf.  On a School Client’s instructions, we may provide reports to the School Client containing their students’ Personal Information relating to the school’s account and their students’ use.

  1. Complying with our legal obligations or the legal obligations or our users.

This includes responding to a legally binding demand for information, such as a warrant issued by a law enforcement entity of competent jurisdiction, or as reasonably necessary to preserve Leadership Inspirations’s legal rights.


During use of Leadership Inspirations services:  When you use Leadership Inspirations services, some data will be disclosed to Leadership Inspirations, to other participants, and to meeting or webinar hosts.  For instance, when you attend a meeting, your name might appear in the attendee list.  If you attend a webinar and turn on your video camera, your image will be shown and might be recorded by other webinar attendees.  If you send a chat or share content, that can be viewed by others in the meeting.

For legal reasons:  We may disclose data when we respond to valid legal process.  We may also disclose data when reasonably necessary to preserve Leadership Inspirations’s legal rights.

To third party service providers:  We use third-party service providers to provide portions of Leadership Inspirations services and give support.  Examples of these third parties include public cloud storage vendors, carriers, our payment processor, and webinar provider.  They only receive data needed to provide their services to us.  We prohibit our service providers from selling data they receive from us or receive on our behalf.  We require service providers to use data only in order to perform the services we have hired them to do (unless otherwise required by law).

Data Retention

We will retain personal data collected for as long as required to do what we say we will do in this policy, unless a longer retention period is required by law.

Linked Websites and Third-Party Services

Links to other third-party websites and services are outside our control and not covered by this policy.  We encourage you to review the privacy policies posted on these (and all) sites you visit or services you use.

Third Parties

Leadership Inspirations does not share Personal Information with third parties other than the service providers described above, or as required by law, except at the direction and on behalf of users and School Clients.

No Sale of Personal Data

We do not sell your data.

We do not allow marketing companies, advertisers or similar companies to access personal data in exchange for payment.  We do not allow third parties to use any personal data obtained from us for their own purposes, unless you consent.


Maintaining the confidentiality, security, and integrity of users’ Personal Information is a top priority.  We use industry-standard security technologies, procedures, and organizational measures designed to help protect Personal Information from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure.  

Access and Deletion Rights

If a user (other than a student) would like to request access, review, refuse further collection of, or delete the user’s Personal Information, please direct such requests to info@leadershipinspirations.com.

If a student or his or her parent would like to request access, review, refuse further collection of, or delete the student’s Personal Information, please contact your school or school district with your request.  Because Leadership Inspirations may be required to comply with contractual confidentiality obligations related to our customers’ data, we are not able to respond to parental or student requests directly.  School Clients may direct requests to access, delete or restrict further collection or use of a students’ Personal Information to info@leadershipinspirations.com. 

Leadership Inspirations Contact Information:

PO Box 696
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Updated April 29, 2020