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Our programs are developed with your team’s personal journey in mind.  If your team needs something specialized, we love creating programs just for you!

Leadership Workshops

Our 2019 Spring/Summer Workshops are four-hour workshops designed to facilitate group development through active, collaborative learning and practical application. Sign your team up for a session like, “Climbing the Ladder of Accountability”, “Conflict, the Sleeping Giant”, or even take them to the UCI Ropes Course!

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Customizable Programs

Designing customized leadership trainings and workshops based on your group’s specific needs is our idea of FUN!  In order to facilitate complex problem solving, critical thinking and group development, we use creative, intentional and interactive approaches to tackle topics like accountability, feedback, inclusion and involvement, project planning, team building and more.

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Leadership Academies

Designed with school leadership groups in mind, our Leadership Academies are a multi-day intensive programs focusing on team development through self and group discovery, skill building, experiential learning, action planning and more!  Our team of Coaches are there to facilitate the process the entire way with the hope and goal that attendees leave with a desire and motivation to make a difference while inspiring others to do the same.

*Leadership Lesson*

If your group is going through the Adjourning stage, try some of these activities to help your group transition and adjust: