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Whether meeting online is your norm or a new thing, putting aside time to focus on your team is beneficial to increase productivity, team relationships, and positive outcomes!

Clear Company reports that
over 85% of all workplace failures have been attributed to a lack of collaboration and/or ineffective communication.  

 Avoid being a part of this statistic! 
Schedule your team development session to:

– Share ideas & interact
– Hone skills in group work and collaboration
– Explore new and effective ways to solve problems
Check-out some of our common areas of focus below.

$750 for your first 3 hours
Focus on one of these functional areas:
– Action Planning
– Communication
– Goal Setting
– Team Dynamics
– Value Alignment
– Creating Engaging Virtual Meetings

$500 for each additional 3 hour session
Up to 25 attendees
(additional attendees will be charged per person)

Customize your Team Building session!

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Accept responsibility for an individual’s, team’s and organization’s actions.


Focus your vision, mission, and goals to influence action and unite your team.


Master giving and receiving feedback in a safe space to grow and develop as an individual and as a team.

Group Dynamics

Understand the skills needed for you and others to better interact and work together

Inclusion and Involvement

Identify diverse needs and develop strategies to motivate and involve others.

Meeting Skills

Revitalize your meetings to be more productive and engaging.

Project Planning

Discover skills and tools for effective planning from brainstorming to evaluation.


Establish unity, cooperation, and synergy within your group.

“Facilitators were amazing, ready to teach, very patient, and full of knowledge.”

Anaheim YMCA Staff Member

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