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Try this Activity in a FLASH!

For the next few blogs, we will be highlighting some activities that you can easily do with your group online!  If you need, visit our Activities Database to find more activities to help your students connect, grow, and learn as a team. We are starting with one of our favorites, Flash! In Flash, the group must ask and answer questions to get to know each other as quickly as they can. To play, follow the instructions below, and check out the video to see it in action. 


  1. Create a list of participants that will serve as the order for the activity.  Type this in the chat or any other way your group is accustomed to. For example:

  2. One person asks a question, that can be answered quickly, to the entire group. They can ask whatever they would like, but it must be a question that they themselves would answer. NOTE: We suggest setting some ground rules before you begin, addressing appropriateness, level of risk, etc.  
  3. Going in the order of the list provided, have each person quickly answer the question with the first thing that comes to their mind. This game is called Flash because it’s fast!
  4. At the end, the person who originally asked the question answers their own question.
  5. After that, the next person on the list asks a question. Everyone has a chance to answer, and the activity continues until everyone has had an opportunity to ask the group a question.
  6. To make participants feel more comfortable, if a question is asked and someone doesn’t want to answer or can’t think of an answer quickly enough, the group can predetermine a ‘pass’ word. Ex: bananas. So, if someone doesn’t want to answer a question, they can just say “bananas.”


See what some of our participants had to say! 

  • “Flash is a great game for everyone to be able to participate and feel included because everyone has to answer and ask a question. It also helped me get to know people, such as Kristen, who I don’t know at all, a little bit better in a quick and fun way!” – Siena 
  • “It reminded me how much we don’t know about each other and a quick little game with silly questions can help you feel more connected with your team. Plus, it’s always fun to find similarities! – Jada 
  • “I really love Flash. It is fast-paced and engaging, which allows myself and the students I teach to stay present. We also love the fact that we can get to know each other… including the most fun/random facts… which you don’t get to know on a normal basis!!! So fun!” – Kelly


Once you try the activity, spend a few minutes debriefing it. This can help your group generate ideas and reflect on the ways a simple activity can change the dynamic of the group! For Flash, here are some questions we’d encourage you to ask: 

  1. What was something new you learned about someone?
  2. Why is an activity like this important for our group?
  3. How does this help us moving forward?

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