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Welcoming Number 46

Tomorrow, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be inaugurated as the President and the first female Vice President of the United States. Inauguration Day is one of the most significant moments that continues to define our nation’s leadership. The peaceful transition of power serves the longevity of our democracy and also acts as a model for the transitions and success of the organizations and communities in which we work. 

Tomorrow also marks the incoming of a new cabinet (pending confirmations). The cabinet is the key advisory body to the President, composed of the heads of 15 different departments and Biden’s picks highlight a current focus of diversity in leadership. Appointing a cabinet that more closely mirrors the makeup of the nation has been a priority of Biden’s since early in his campaign, and it is one that he has followed through on. His cabinet picks are diverse in race and ethnicity as well styles of leadership. 

This historical passing of the torch will have continued effects on all aspects of society, including key ones that are so important to the livelihood of our communities…teams and educators! 

For Educators

Educators may be interested in the nomination of Miguel Cardona for Secretary of Education. If Cardona is confirmed by the senate, one of his top priorities will be to increase access and achievement for low income and first generation students of color, as well as increase emphasis on public education and community colleges.

*Leadership Lesson*

To engage your students in this historical process, have them pretend that they have been appointed the Secretary of Education for their campus. Have them create a list of the initiatives that they would want to focus on and then prioritize that list in order of importance to them. This exercise will help your group identify issues that they think are important and changes that they want to make on their campus.


For Teams

For professionals involved in business, the cabinet choices of Isabel Guzman and Katherine Tai will likely be followed closely. Guzman is Biden’s pick to lead the Small Business Administration and Tai is the nominee for the U.S. Trade Representative. Their combined interests and experience could result in initiatives aimed at economic recovery and developing foreign trade policy.

*Leadership Lesson*

To help your team navigate this transfer of power, lead a brainstorming session on how to best move your team forward into 2021. If your team is facing challenges, what resources (government or otherwise) can you seek out to help you? If your team is excelling, what opportunities might there be to take things to the next level?

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