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Wellness Corner: Health and Leadership

Dr. Dawn from Embrace Healing and Wellness shares her tips to help you be at your leadership best!

More and more everyday American leaders are asking: Are the demands of being in charge–whether that’s of an office, a home, or a country–taking a toll on my health?

Many of us are juggling both home and work lives. We’re always trying to improve, striving to do better for ourselves and our families. So, what are the great leaders doing differently to thrive and grow?

One thing the best of them are doing is taking care of their health. And don’t worry if you said you’d start at the beginning of the year and you’re still in the starting blocks. Anytime is a great time to start! Here are some executive-level ideas to get you moving in the right direction. (If you’d like to listen to these steps instead of reading them, you can find the very short podcast HERE at the Center for Creative Leadership.)

1. Do less, more often: Shorter but more frequent rounds of exercise are effective and usually easier to fit into busy, ever-changing schedules. Often the most successful routine is the one that’s the most time-efficient.

2. Get moving: Given the sedentary nature of much of modern life, finding ways to increase activity throughout the day can help. Try walking while talking on your phone, getting up from your desk to stretch, parking far from the door, and taking the stairs rather than the elevator.

3. Keep track: Set up an easy system to log your workouts. This serves as a reality check on how much or how little exercise you’re getting. It can also help you set goals and stay motivated.

4. Take it on the road: If you travel a lot for business, try finding hotels with adequate fitness facilities or health club access. If nothing else, pack a set of stretch cords for resistance training, running/walking shoes, and a swimsuit, in case the hotel has a pool.

5. Be flexible: Some of our schedules make it hard to work out the same time each day or week, but you can still do well if you build in flexibility. Take advantage of an open slot in your calendar whenever it appears. If someone else keeps your calendar, have him or her schedule workouts for you.

6. Multi-task: Combine exercise time with other activities. Use your daily walk, run, or workout to think through your day and strategize about work matters. Listen to audiobooks, podcasts, or language lessons if you feel the need to focus your mind as you exercise. Exercise with your spouse, kids, or a friend. Finding creative ways to combine exercise with other activities helps provide justification for the time spent exercising.

7. Motivate: Think of your weekday workout routines as a way to stay strong and fit for weekend leisure activities. Staying healthy for skiing, paddleball, golf, or keeping up with kids can be a big motivator.

Your efforts will pay off with enhanced fitness, health benefits, and increased success in coping with the demands of a busy life, ultimately helping you feel and act your leadership best! 

*Leadership Lesson*

Using the steps above, evaluate your personal and professional well-being. What area are you particularly strong in? What is one area you can improve? Determine one thing that you want to start, stop, and continue this week. Remember, these do not have to be big goals–even little steps can help!

*Meet the Author*

Dr. Dawn Yoshioka Eberly, D.C., CCSP, L.Ac believes in helping people optimize their wellness. As a Chiropractor and Acupuncturist, she looks for the root causes of your imbalance, whether you’re an athlete, a desk worker, or anyone in between. She also brings her years of training and passion for nutrition to her patients, educating them about whole foods and supplements to improve their health. Her private practice, Embrace Healing and Wellness, is located in West Los Angeles.

Favorite Quote: “I hope that in this year to come, YOU MAKE MISTAKES. Because if you are making mistakes, then you are: making new things, trying new things, learning, living, pushing yourself, changing yourself, changing your world.” –Neil Gaiman

Fun Facts: 1) I homeschool my two boys and love it! 2) The beach and ocean are where I’m the happiest 3) I love basketball, and I helped coach my oldest son at the same community center where I first learned!